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Contract Therapy

Spend More Time Living… and less time working for a living. Since 1998, the team at Professional Therapy & Rehab Services has helped thousands of therapist do just that. Our founder, Marc Domb (PT), realized early in his career that the income from a 40 hour work week didn’t always equal what it cost to live. While still practicing physical therapy he decided to better his current situation and others in his field and created Professional Therapy & Rehab Services. Providing top paying jobs for medical professionals through travel and local contacts to help achieve their career goals and spend more time living.

Staffing Solutions

Travel Therapy: For anyone looking to make top dollar in the industry and get a chance to see the country at the same time travel contracts are for you. PTRS works with the top rehab companies in the industry to provide the highest level of healthcare professionals to help fill their travel positions. There are many benefits to traveling both in and out of state.

Sit down with one of our career advisors today and get your marketing plan ready to go.

Local Contracts

We understand that not everyone can take advantage of our traveling opportunities. For those that need to stay local and wanted to take advantage of the benefits of being a traveler we can help you obtain similar benefits on a local scale. Find out ways to start working for yourself.


Being therapist owned and operated gives us a different approach than most traditional staffing companies. Our candidate customized approach allows us to get an in depth feel for the ideal position.


  • Top Pay Packages
  • Health Benefits (Dental & Vision)
  • Customized Job Searches
  • License and CEU Reimbursements
  • Housing Options
  • Travel Reimbursements